As the Decorative Concrete Experts in Orlando, we specialize in building new pool decks and renovating or repairing existing surfaces. Whether you are planning to build a new pool or just looking to remodel your existing deck surface, we can help you choose an option that fits your taste and budget.

For new pools, we offer standard acrylic textures, textures with patterns, stamped concrete, and our StoneCrete system. We can work with your pool builder to make sure that your deck is poured correctly and is done so that your decorative concrete surface will look its best.

A large part of our business in Orlando is complete pool deck renovation and repair. Our trucks are set up with the proper equipment to remove pavers, Chattahoochee river rocks, existing decorative concrete coatings, and epoxies/stains. In addition, we can correct drainage and height differentiations between slabs.

As the Decorative Concrete Experts, our specialized knowledge of concrete mix design allows us to cost effectively provide long term solutions to issues that over-the-counter products cannot replicate. Contact us today at 407-342-8552 to make your Orlando pool deck the showpiece of your property.